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Sworn and certified translations

The translation certification, also known as the translation oath, constitutes an official declaration by the translator regarding the congruence between the text of the translation and the content of the original document. The translator confirms this congruence by signing an oath and, in this way, assumes responsibility for his translations.

The formalization of the oath (affirmation) is a personal procedure, carried out by the same translator responsible for the translation, who is required to go to an Italian Court. The certification procedure follows a uniform protocol, with some variations from Court to Court.

We take care of your case from start to finish.

Together with us you complete your international procedures

Our team of  expert translators in the legal field and specialists in international affairs are at your disposal to guide you through the process for which you request a translation. If necessary, and subject to your approval, we can interface with the institution (both Italian and foreign) to which you must submit the translated documents, to ensure that they are complete and that the type of translation is the most appropriate. This complete assistance service is always included in the cost of the translation.

Your translation, delivered wherever you want!
We deliver the translation to the address you specify, anywhere in the world. In this circumstance, shipping costs will be detailed in the quote.

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