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Legal and legal translations

In order for an accurate translation of a legal document to be ensured, it is crucial to rely on highly qualified professionals in the sector. This is why we only use experienced lawyers to translate your legal documents.

This does not constitute a simple translation operation, but a process of understanding and interpreting the text, based on legal knowledge of the destination country.

Punctuality and precision

Serving your needs

Our agency guarantees you competence, punctuality and compliance with the agreed conditions.

WWMedia Languages can make available to you:

  1. A dedicated sworn translator as your main point of contact.

  2. The revision of the text carried out by another lawyer to ensure maximum precision.

  3. The certification of the translation to confirm its authenticity.

  4. Post-delivery assistance for any further needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the translation of your legal documents.
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