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Your trusted legalized translation service

To translate an official document, it is essential to rely on professionals who are experts in the sector  of legal translation. For this reason, we propose that you put the translation of your legal documents in the hands of highly qualified translators.

This is not a  simple translation operation, but a service that requires a profound understanding and interpretation of the text, considering the specific legal context of the country of destination or origin.

Our agency offers you the guarantee of competence, punctuality and compliance with the conditions  you agree.

With WWMedia Languages you will have:

  • A dedicated specialized translator as your main contact.

  • An accurate revision of the text carried out by another translator.

  • The certification of the translation, with a guarantee of its authenticity.

  • Post-delivery assistance for any need.

We offerlegal translation services
in several areas of law, including:

Gradini del tribunale



  • Family, Minors and Individuals Law

  • Insurance Law

  • Commercial and Corporate Law

  • Industrial and Intellectual Property Law

  • Advertising and Entertainment Law

  • Competition and Market Law

  • Tax Law


  • Banking Law

  • Energy Law

  • Civil Procedure

  • Criminal Procedural Law

  • Administrative law

  • Administrative Procedural Law

  • Navigation and Transport Law


  • Ecclesiastical Law

  • Labor, Social Security and Social Security Law

  • Criminal law

  • Sports Law

  • European Union law

  • Public International Law

  • Private International Law

Our services

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